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Carol Turner
M-F  5:30 a.m. -10:00 a.m.

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A farm girl at heart from northen Iowa. July 1st marks my 20th year at KX96.9. I enjoy spending time with my husband Bob, and my daughters Mary and Carlee, and son-in-law Eric, and my two dogs, Jax & Cooper, I love to look at and collect antiques, am a huge fan of horror movies, love to decorate, and believe it or not...enjoy cleaning..

Star I would like to meet....Toss up between Susan Lucci and Chuck Norris

Who would I thank for CMA...First and formost COUNTRY RADIO! Joan, Spot,Star & Buttercup...The cows I was milking when I became infatuated with radio and music. My family, and my partner of 36 years, Diet Dr. Pepper. Thanks for keeping me awake.

The movie that best describes your life?  The Wizard of Oz. Been in the center of the storm a few times,I have landed in some amazing places...encountered a few who didn't a brain...several without a heart, and some with no courage. I've worked with some amazing short people (Kelly Garret), some who were a Wizard at their task, but always,at the end of the day "There's no place like home!"

Most annoying habit.  I move my furniture around at least twice a month.