KX Cash Cow! Your share of $10,000


Score your share of $10,000 by playing the
Cash Cow Game!

Winning “Free Moo-Lah” is so easy!
Just listen each workday to KX96.9 for Kixy the Cash Cow to bellow out the “Cash Cow Moo”!

Be the 9th caller on the studio lines at 402-466-9696 and instantly win $96.00!
Then you’ll have an opportunity to increase your winnings by playing “Beat the Bovine” for even more free money! Kixy the KX96.9 Cash Cow will begin to moo and count up incremental amounts of cash, you just need to yell “stop” before she clangs her cowbell. If you stop her in time, you’ll then win the last dollar amount she “mooed” to you!  If she clangs that pesky cowbell, that’s ok because you still walk away a winner with your original $96.00!

You never know how many moo’s she has and how much money she has to give at any certain time but Kixy the KX96.9 Cash Cow could moo you up to win $5000.00!!!

Get the unfair inside the barnyard advantage and know when Kixy will be ready to moo each day by joining the KX96.9 text club or email club. We’ll send our club members a daily “Moo Time” message so you’ll be in the know to win free dough!

So get ready to play and win your share of $10,000 with the KX96.9 Cash Cow game with Stutheit Implement & the only Country station in Lincoln that can make you an instant “Free Money” winner…KX96.9!

For Official Rules, CLICK HERE

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