KX Cash Cow Rules

KZKX will conduct a contest called the KIX96.9 cash cow. The contest airs beginning 04/06/15. 
The contest will be played Monday thru Friday between 6am to 7pm.  There will be a minimum of 2 contest plays per day.
To win, listen each weekday from 6a to 7p, when you hear the official  “Cash Cow” Moo sounder inside of normal programming  be the 9th caller at 402-966-9696.  Each winner will instantly win $96.00. (Other incidental cow moo sounds that may occur due to promotional, commercial, music or satellite programming are not considered part of this contest). Promotional announcements about the contest are excluded.
Upon winning $96.00 the contestant will have the opportunity to play “Beat the Bovine”. The on air DJ will play an audio file that has a pre-determined, by management, incremental cash count off. The caller then will have to tell the on-air DJ when to “stop” the cash count off audio file. If the caller stops the cash count off audio before the “cow bell” rings, the caller will win the amount of cash that was last fully announced on the count off audio file. If the cowbell rings before the caller announces “stop”. The caller’s winnings will then receive revert back to the initial $96.00. 
The cash maximum of the audio file will vary each time the contest is played. The amount is predetermined by the operations manager.
At least one audio file with a maximum of $5000.00 will be played at one time during the term of the contest. The total amount of cash prizes awarded is dependant on the amount won by various contestants. Digity and KZKX reserve the right to terminate this contest at any time. The amount of prize winnings during the contest will be no more than $10,000.
Notification of the moo sounder will be posted immediately on Twitter moments before the on air playing of the sounder so online listeners can play along and not be affected by the delays that are commonly associated by streaming audio. KZKX cannot guarantee the posting will get thru to all followers of KZKX969.
Email and text club members will be notified via a daily email or text with the times of the day within the hour in which the MOO sounder will play. KZKX is not responsible for failure of this message to reach all club members.
Anyone with a valid email address may join the club at www.kzkx.com or join the text club by texting the word “in” to 8-8-4-7-4 at no cost.
Text club is no cost to join but sms messaging fees may apply.
One person per household may win cash at one time during the entire length of this contest.
You must be 18 years of age or older to play
No purchase necessary
Odds of winning depend upon the number of phone calls received.
No substitutions, proxy players or transfer of prizes.
Employees of Digity and other media outlets, their agents and immediate families are ineligible.
Winners may be asked to sign an affidavit of eligibility.
KZKX is not responsible for telephone malfunctions.
KZKX is not responsible for time delays incurred in programming
when listening to internet, cellular or wi-fi provided programming. 
Phone lines will be cleared immediately prior to the contest being
played. If more than one caller ends up on the same 9th caller line,
$ 96.00 will be split evenly between callers and there will not be a “Beat the Bovine’ game..
If an inaudible or poor cell phone connection is the 9th caller, the on
air DJ has the discretion to progress to caller 10 or so on.
All contest plays are recorded and the operations manager and
management of KZKX will have final determination in the
event of a dispute regarding the cash prize amount.
All decisions by KZKX are final.
These rules may be obtained in person at 3800 Cornhusker
Highway, Lincoln, NE during normal business hours.
Winners must come to the studios to fill out necessary paperwork to claim their prize. Prize
checks will be processed and sent from Digity corporate in a timely manner
All winners must provide two forms of identification as proof of
eligibility and will be required to sign an I-9 form, release of liability form which
Digity, D/B/A KZKX , their respective servants, agents, officers and all other participants in the
contest from any and all claims, demands, actions, or causes of
any sort for injuries sustained to winners person and / or property
arising in any way from the winner’s participation in the contest.
KZKX will require a Social Security number to award cash prizes. All
Winners are responsible for all taxes and incidental expenses
Incurred as a result of winning the prize. All winners of prizes or cash
will provided with an I.R.S form
Participation in the contest implies consent for the rebroadcast of
winners voice, photo or likeness without additional compensation.
Digity and/or KZKX reserve the right to terminate or modify this contest or it’s rules at any time.

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