Moron Takes Selfie At Scene of London Terror Attack

I take some pretty questionable selfies. Sometimes I even send them from the bathroom to my friends on Snapchat. (Hey, they asked what I was doing. Ask and you shall receive.)

But you do NOT take a selfie- and what’s worse, WITH A SELFIE STICK- at the scene of a gd terror attack. Currently, 3 people are confirmed dead in the Westminster attack while 20 others injured. Meanwhile some idiot is snappin’ a pic with real-life horror as his “filter”.

It’s chaotic, I’m sure. People, belongings, vehicles and security are sprawled out. There’s blood in some areas and buildings on lockdown. The entire scene is absolutely a profound picture but that does not permit a selfie.

Even more alarming is the fact that this is even a story. Are these actions being promoted somewhere or have people just completely misplaced their moral compass? Smdh.



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