KX Weekends

**The KX Country Jukebox: 12am-6am
**The KX Kickback with the KX 96.9 Morning Show: 6am-10am
**KX 96.9 Weekends: 10am-3pm
**KX 96.9 Weekends: 3pm-7pm
**The Big Time Saturday Night with Whitney Allen: 7pm-12am

**The KX Country Jukebox: 12am-6:30am
**Country Roads with Fr. Joe: 6:30-7:00am
**Rick Jackson's Country Hall Of Fame: 7am-10am
**Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40: 10am-2pm
**KX 96.9 Weekends: 2pm-7pm
**Country's Hotlist with Shawn Parr: 7pm-11pm
**CMT Radio Insider: 11pm-12am