Matt J.

I have been with the radio station for almost 10 years now. I started out as an intern when I was in college & after 2 years I was offered a part-time gig. I have met many artists in the time that I have been with the station. My 2 favorite artists’ I've meet have been Sugarland & Little Big Town. I love meeting new people and our listener's so if you see me at a station event or concert come up and introduce yourself to me or if you know me say hi.

A star I never met, but always wanted too? Jennifer Aniston. She is my favorite actress and I've seen all of her movies.

If I won a Country Music Award, who would you Thank? I would first off thank my mom as she always believed in me and left this world too soon. I would also thank all of my friends, musicians, writers, my management team & everyone else who believed in and took a chance on me.

The movie that best describes your life? This is a tough question as their are lots of movies that could describe my life but, I would have to say that Groundhog's Day starting Bill Murray best describes my life as at my job it's the same stuff different day every day of the week

Most annoying habit? I have a coupled of annoying habit's but the one that is most annoying is I say "Whatever" & 'It is What IT Is" constantly and i have been told that get's annoying after awhile.