We need new hobbies other than trolling on Twitter and binge watching tv shows (<- although both will likely still transpire).

Finding the extra time, money and space to do so can be an issue but if you prioritize “hobby-time” a little more, you can make it work!


It’s important to nourish your mental health.

Hobbies might seem trivial to some, but exercising your creative side rarely has a negative effect.

In fact, there are tons of benefits to doing things you love. Ya know, the things you simply want to do out of pleasure – not demand.

According to Psychology Todayhobbies can reduce stress, help form meaningful bonds and more.


I’ve taken up oven-bake clay! It’s so cheap and you can literally cruise into Walmart at any hour to get your fix.

I made little clay trinkets (Jack/Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, pumpkins, witches, etc) for Halloween gifts and decorations.

Lizz has reached her full elderly woman form and took up knitting! Another pal of mine collects bottle caps and literally makes furniture pieces involving them.

(the furniture making is a bit advanced tbh)


If you’ve neglected something you loved doing – let’s work on picking that back up.

It’s a brand new year and you deserve the benefits of finding a hobby.

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