Another Out-of-the-Box Collabo from FGL

Big surprise, Florida Georgia Line is teaming up with another act in another genre for another song. This time it’s with the Chainsmokers for their debut album on a track called Last Day Alive.

I totally welcome creativity though! Music is about testing the waters, trying new approaches and sounds, that will hopefully instill certain feelings in all who listen. The issue I have with all of this cross-genre, joined forces hooblah is that it’s happening so frequently now, it’s less original. It’s a trend. It’s to be expected now.

Is it just me or have we gotten away from what collaborating used to be? Not just joining forces with “shocking” artists, using each other’s fame and fortune to promote a track (often times not even a good one, tbh) that usually spends a little time on the charts just for namesake.

Although criticized by some, I’ll reference the 2015 CMA’s Chris Stapleton/Justin Timberlake performance because it seems like many people saw it. That was amazing. Two musicians, two hearts filled with sound, sharing a gift to the world. Their collaboration meant something. Or at least, playing devil’s advocate here, they sold that idea very well.

It’s not the Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood’s, Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert’s. It’s this “maybe see if Vanilla Ice would drop a line or two” that’s getting stale.



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