Have you heard the news about the worldwide toilet paper shortages brought on by Coronavirus panic?
Well, one publication in Australia has helped out its readers by printing additional, blank pages in its Thursday edition.
Why? Oh, so they can stockpile for the bathroom.
“YES, WE ACTUALLY DID PRINT IT,” NT News tweeted Thursday along with video that shows off the paper’s TP insert.
The papers even feature a pattern for watermarks in the shape of the country, as well as a dotted line down the middle to help you create two TP-sized strips of paper.
A headline on the cover reads,
“Run out of loo paper? The NT News cares. That’s why we’ve printed an eight-page special liftout inside, complete with handy cut lines, for you to use in an emergency. GET YOUR LIMITED-EDITION, ONE-PLY TOILET NEWSPAPER SHEETS. STARTS PAGE 21.”
Meanwhile, editor-in-chief Matt Williams called the Thursday issue “certainly not a crappy edition.”

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