The Best White Elephant Gifts

Welcome to my first “official” Blogmas post!

Do you have a love-hate relationship with White Elephant parties? I definitely do. The perfectionist in me AGONIZES about what gift I should bring. And yeah, I know these parties are supposed to be fun, but I can stress myself to death about anything! It’s my biggest talent, really.

With that being said, White Elephant parties can be tricky because you have to be creative with a tiny budget. So I decided to share some easy ideas that have worked for me. And the best part? They’re all under $20!

  • A wolf t-shirt. You know the kind. Like the ones that Napolean Dynamite became famous for. They’re weird, they’re funny, and they make great PJs. Or if you’re Coryelle or I, you can wear them wherever! You can pick one of these up at pretty much any Walmart or truck stop. Try and find one that’s outrageous as possible!
  • A fish. Hear me out on this one. No, I’m not advocating that you buy any pet that could potentially be given to a person that can’t care for it. That being said, bringing a small goldfish in a little bowl and a bottle of food makes for a pretty outrageous W.E. gift. And yes, the photo at the top of this post is a goldfish that I have previously gifted. I came up with the idea when I took a trip to New Orleans and we drank several of the “fishbowl” drinks on Bourbon Street. I brought one of the containers home with me and used it for our W.E. party later that month! I know that this one seems super odd, and it is, but it will also end up being one of the most passed around gifts during the game, which always keeps it exciting.
  • An electric wine opener. I know this really isn’t a “funny” gift, but trust me. People will be fighting over this one. And if you happen to get a really good deal on the opener, you can even add in a bottle of wine with it (Two Buck Chuck from TJ’s is fine). It’s great because it’s one of those things that people don’t think to buy for themselves, but they’re definitely going to want it! Watch this become one of the most “stolen” gifts in the game.
  • A funny, handmade craft. Do you have any crafty skills? Put them to use! Funny, handmade items are always a hit. A couple ideas that I have seen in past years are crocheted cat butt coasters, embroidery pieces that say naughty things, and even a terrarium made into a cool Jurrasic scene. Making something yourself is a great way to get thrifty and crafty all in one!
  • An adult onesie. Have you heard about all the “Onesie Bar Crawls” that are popping up all over the country? There might be one happening in Lincoln sooner than you think 😉 so get prepared! Or rather, get someone at your W.E. party ready. Almost every store that sells PJs has these onesies right now, so try and find the most outrageous one that fits your budget. And bonus: they’re the most comfortable thing EVER to wear while you binge Netflix.

I hope one or two of these ideas will help you with your next White Elephant party! What are some of your go-to White Elephant gift ideas?

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