Brothers Osborne’s “Pawn Shop” Music Video Features Presidential Robbers

It looks like Brothers Osborne will release their brand new music video for “Pawn Shop” tomorrow evening and it features robbers in Presidential masks, so how’s that for original?

There aren’t many duos with a similar sound or swag like John & T.J. Osborne have and I appreciate that. They’ve got a certain degree of grit in their delivery and songs and it’s even more evident in their social media presence. Ex: follow them on Twitter @brothersosborne.

Artistically, that “grit” or “against the grain” quality seems to be coming to life in the music video for “Pawn Shop”.

I can see it now: masked robbers try to pull one of over on the locally owned Osborne Pawn Shop and a comedy of errors ensues. My guess is that the Brothers end up turning the tables and coming out of it with a bunch of cash somehow. We won’t know for sure until tomorrow, though.

Cheers to Brothers Osborne and keeping us on our toes. They’re rockin’ with us at Country Stampede this summer, too! Get your tickets here.





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