Chris Pratt Went Shot For Shot With Chris Stapleton In Nashville, Lived To Tell The Tale

Chris squared comin’ at ya!

Chris Pratt guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel this week and his interview with Chris Stapleton is everything.

First of all, congrats to Stapleton and his wife Morgan on their great news- TWINS! Talk about a handful but Stapleton looks thrilled and ready for the journey. His eyes are literally twinkling.

I had no idea Chris Pratt was a mega country music fan, specifically Chris Stapleton. Since both Pratt and Stapleton had major upcoming releases on the same day, Stapleton himself sent Pratt a  “mixtape” as a little token of celebration.

As the interview moves past the twins and Pratt’s love for the twang, the Nashville story unfolds.

Long story short, Pratt nerded out over the cassette tape so Stapleton invited him out to Nashville where he was invited to sing onstage during “Tennessee Whiskey”, joining the rank of only two other people: Peyton Manning and, of course, Justin Timberlake.

Things escalated post-concert, a lot of whiskey was consumed and it honestly sounds like Pratt and Stapleton might have a budding BFF-ship.




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