Christmas Party Ideas That’ll Get You & Your Friends Elfed Up

A group of us girls celebrated our 6th annual Christmas soiree over the weekend and it seems that three things never fail to happen: we eat a lot of food, we drink a lot of booze and someone doesn’t “make it to the trashcan”.

Every year, we play a few games in between the food and drinks and honestly, you should step your game up if you’re only using a deck of cards.

Here’s how to increase your holiday tomfoolery:

  • Pinata – Seriously, it doesn’t even need to be Christmas related. In fact, ours was a taco. It was actually part of the white elephant gift exchange and had presents inside. Bonus: Use your leftover Halloween confetti so you can partake in the gift giving but also get rid of that pesky outdated fluff. No one cares.
  • What Do You Meme? – If your meme game is strong, you know exactly what this is because you’ve seen the online ads a billion times. If not, look it up because it’s a trip and I 10/10 would play again.
  • Emergency pizza – You cannot satisfy an entire flock of inebriated holiday elves post-bar crawl with one pizza nor two. Three should be considered the universal minimum.
  • Christmas sweaters that are also drinking games – We had a sweater with a bullseye that would determine the manner in which you’d drink and another with actual beer pong cups attached.

Plan on designated drivers or split a Lyft/Uber, save the drama for your llama and don’t forget your toothbrush.




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