Congrats, Jake Owen!

Lots of exciting news from Jake Owen in the last week! On Monday we finally got to let you in on the big secret…Jake Owen is going to be headlining at Country Stampede 2019! This year is going to be way too much fun, so make sure you get your 3-day passes before prices go up December 1st! You can get more details (and a chance to win free tickets) HERE.

The other exciting announcement is that Jake is about to be a dad of two! His special I’m Coming Home aired on Thanksgiving and he and his girlfriend Erica Hartlein shared the big news. No word yet on whether it’s a boy or girl or a due date. But who knows, maybe a special bundle of joy may be joining us at Stampede this year!

The new baby will be welcomed by big sister Pearl, who turned six on Thanksgiving this year.

Congrats to Jake and Erica, I can’t wait to see the ridiculously attractive baby you produce.



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