Country Radio Seminar 2017


Oh heyyy! I’m finally back from Country Radio Seminar in Nashville! It was dope. CRS is the prime annual gathering for radio and entertainment people to basically geek out and a have a drink (or 7), right in the heart of Music City.

The seminar sessions are beneficial, sure, but being immersed in the scene is almost a greater learning experience. It’s insane! You can walk into a lobby/venue and some of the industries biggest stars are just milling about. There’s no shortage of casual conversation with these incredible artists. Plus, you get to meet the teams of dedicated people that work so tirelessly behind the scenes. They make this industry go ’round. At CRS, you’ll easily stumble upon smaller acts, too, who you might end up really rooting for.

It was a struggle hiding my internal freakouts but I managed somehow. Except for when I ran into Brett Eldredge for only the second time in my life. The first time was last October at Pinnacle Bank Arena when he was on Keith Urban’s tour. That time I panicked and went straight to talking about food. This time I panicked and talked about my dead pet rat. Any other sane person would just give up the ghost by now but I’m not a normal human.

Moving on. My favorite part of CRS is seeing the familiar faces from year-to-year and applauding their growth. Let’s get real, I’m not the sole reason for anyone’s success. But I do know that I’ve made a difference in their career in some way, shape or form! No matter how small the action, any love is always appreciated. It’s very rewarding to get a simple “thank you”. It all comes full circle. Handshakes and even hugs are exchanged. Knowing you had anything at all to do with someone’s dream coming to fruition is astounding.

Big shout out to CJ Solar and the band for taking Lizz and I in as strays over the weekend. Best off-the-books Air bnb experience by far.

Also, here’s proof I was able to con a few artists into taking pictures with me. Notice the one of Brett and I was BEFORE I mentioned my deceased rodent.

[Left to right: Aubrie Sellers, Brett Eldredge, Frankie Ballard, Gunnar Nyblad, Lucas Hoge & Stephanie Quayle, William Michael Morgan.]



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