Saturday night turned out to be an extra special occasion with Bart Crow at the Bourbon Theatre.

Not only was he ecstatic to be back in the Lincoln but it’s been nearly three since he last put out new music.

[Listen for “Wheels” during Nebraska Nights Live!]


Crow took time to explain openly how music began to take a toll on him, that’s why we haven’t see much of him.

In 2017, he nearly gave up on it entirely.

But thankfully, he’s back and honestly thriving.

You could see the renewed energy in his body language, you could hear it in his voice.

He radiated delight and spoke of peace, love and honest music.


Then Bart offered his stage to a man named Ryan.

“That’s nice of him to invite such a fan up there,” I thought from the crowd.


Then the crowd started buzzing a bit.

I leaned to my left to confirm with Brandon, Bart Crow’s tour manager, what was happening.

Yup – here comes a PROPOSAL!

By the sounds of it, the couple isn’t even from the Lincoln area – in fact, they traveled specifically for the show.


The couple, Ryan & Megan (I believe those were the names), have been long-time fans of Bart Crow and frequently dance to his music in their home.

Ryan reached out prior to the show and planned the entire surprise well in advance.

And now it was time to put that plan into action.

Crow allowed Ryan to take the stage and he took full advantage of it.

He sprang up the stairs, commanded the mic and if he was nervous – you wouldn’t have known.


After a few kind words about Bart and his songwriting, Ryan asked the love of his life to join him onstage.

The rest – well, watch for yourself.

Congratulations to (the most) adorable couple!



#NNL -Coryelle


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