Get Festive At Work!

Woohoo! It’s Blogmas day two!

Today let’s talk about a topic that is a personal favorite, getting festive at work! If you’re going to be spending 40 hours a week (or probably more) at work, why not make it a little fun? While most of the *really* fun things you want to do are most likely fireable offenses, there are still plenty of ways to make it more enjoyable. A personal favorite of mine is to make my space a little homier, especially around the holidays. Whether you have a cubicle, desk, or office, there are plenty of easy ways to get into the spirit!

Mini holiday decorations have to be one of the things that bring me the most joy in life. Don’t get me wrong, I also deeply love full sized holiday decorations of all types. There’s just something about little Christmas trees and their itty bitty ornaments that are just so darn adorable!!! Not to mention, they don’t take up much desk space, while simultaneously upping your workspace’s cuteness quotient tenfold. These little trees are incredibly easy to find this time of year at any store that sells holiday decorations, and they only cost about $5-8. My favorite new find this year has to be battery operated LED lights that you can add to your tree. They’ll run you about $10, and they really add some brightness (literally) to your decorations.

I brought a tiny tree to put in my cube farm for the first time this year and it was a HUGE hit. This is most surprising because I share the space with two older men, who I figured wouldn’t be too keen on my new additions. However, they love our festive little addition and we’ve taken turns bringing in holiday treats to put out by the tree. The picture above is actually from Rob’s office. If Rob can get in the spirit, anyone can!

Other additions that can be fun are banners, garlands, and tinsel. These are super inexpensive, easy to hang, and if you’re really inclined, can be pretty disposable at the end of the season. Almost every store I’ve looked at recently has fun Christmas pennant banners for about $3-5. And if you want to be the most popular person in your work space, leave out a cute holiday bowl full of candy. Be prepared: your desk will become a hot spot for snack and conversation breaks!

Do you decorate your desk or office for the holidays? If so, send me a picture! I would love to see!



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