Graduating College In Style

When I graduated from Doane University (Doane College at the time) in the spring of 2014, I was so jazzed that I’d never need to stay up three nights consecutively to finish a project again.

Like most college students, I was busy. Arguably busier than most. I was stuck working my butt cheeks off right up until the last possible minute of my senior year just so I could graduate in time, so I had zero extra minutes to dedicate to the decoration of my mortarboard.

There’s no doubt I would’ve conjured up some abrasive, snarky remark to wear proudly as I walked across Cassel Theatre and received my diploma.

Another graduation ceremony will soon churn out mobs of grads filled with a communal sense of anxiety and desperation for relief. To honor that, I give you my dear friend Crystal who said it best: I’m Done With This B.S.

Cheers to all the Crystal’s. You made it, girlfriend.

(yes, she’s single.)



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