Has Health Food Gone Too Far?

Are you a Superfoodie? Okay, that may be a term I just made up, but you know the kind of person it describes. We all have that friend who is always searching for the next miracle working super food.

Matcha? They eat it in everything? Hemp hearts? Always the topping for their acai smoothie bowls. And don’t even get them started on milk. Oat, Almond, Hemp, Soy. If it doesn’t come from a cow then it’s the “milk” for them!

But here is when the super health food trend has officially taken it too far: EntoMilk.

Sure, it sounds benign enough. Until you find out what its made of. According to Gourmet Grubb, a company that sells various products derived from insects, EntoMilk is “a milk alternative made from insects. It is rich, creamy and high in nutrients, including iron, zinc and calcium.” Are you sold yet? The protein and nutrients are taken from crystals that cockroaches lactate in order to feed their young.

Supposedly the amount of proteins and nutrients are top notch, but come on. Could you ever stomach the thought that you were intentionally eating a byproduct of a cockroach’s teat? Me either. I’ll just stick with my plain old milk for now.

But if you’re in the market to really mess with your friends, here’s where you can procure some yummy cockroach ice cream of your own: https://gourmetgrubb.com/



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