Hate Your Current Job? I Can Help!

Do you hate hate your job? Are you tired of drinking the same free coffee at your work? Well what if I told you that you could be drinking your own coffee while getting paid $500 to basically do what you do right now?

(SOURCE) A U.S. website is offering $500 for an unusual short-term job: a “professional binge watcher” willing to watch Netflix and eat pizza.

BonusFinder, a website dedicated to reviewing and offering deals for legal gambling sites, said the “professional binge watcher” will be called on to watch and review three series on Netflix while eating pizza takeout from various locations.

The selected candidate will be required to review each series based on story and plot lines, “Netflix and Chill” suitability, acting quality and cheesiness, satisfaction of episodes and series endings.

The person will also rate the pizzas they sample for appearance and color, base texture and taste, topping ingredient quality, flavor, cheese gooeyness and value for money.

You can thank me later, remember, I CAN’T SOLVE EVERYONE’S PROBLEMS!