This weather is perfect for a Midwest classic: Chili and cinnamon rolls.

So, I fired up the crock pot on Sunday and threw in the makings for A+ comfort food.

(not like I can do my dad’s homemade chili any justice but it’s worth a shot)


My recipe usually includes tomato sauce and diced tomatoes with green chilies and light red kidney, chili and black beans. Dairy and I don’t mix well otherwise I’d add some shredded cheese.

For the protein it’s usually just lean ground beef but sometimes I get fancy with chicken crumbles. If you choose chicken, try adding the southwest tortilla chips. (game changer)



Sparky, an on-air personality with 104.1 The Blaze, offered me a homemade cinnamon roll to go with my fall leftovers. What a pal!

I encourage you to make a massive helping of chili and leave the leftovers to me.

Light a candle, enjoy the grub and appreciate another beautiful fall in Nebraska.




Cheers! -Coryelle

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