Happy birthday, Kelsea Ballerini!


Although Kelsea is excited to take on her late-20’s (26), she has a lot to say about age 25 first.

Today, Ballerini has shared a string of birthday posts via Instagram, saying this about her passing age:

“25- the year I learned that even the ‘homecoming queen’ cries. I settled into my imperfections and stopped being scared to be emotional.”

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There’s another post featuring a throwback picture of a younger Kelsea singing into a microphone almost too big for her little hands and sporting a typical late 90’s child’s outfit.


But the real kicker is the post she most recently shared.

Ballerini chose a picture of her enjoying beach life. She’s wearing a black, open-back swimsuit seemingly unaware anyone is behind her. It’s not a “sexy” pic. It isn’t even high-quality.

It’s literally a picture of her from behind – picking an old-school wedgie.

The caption is gold: “25- the year a stranger with a camera taught me how to “pick” my battles.”

See the bottom blunder here.


Kelsea Ballerini has truly “cracked” the code to birthday humor.


Cheers! -Coryelle


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