Lack Of Sleep, Job Stress Could Trigger You To Eat More

According to a pair of recent studies, work stress and a lack of sleep tend to make people eat more.

As if we don’t already obsess over weight, right? Because I certainly do.

The first study showed that even small amounts of sleep deprivation can lead to risk factors. These rick factors include obesity and lifestyle diseases.

According to UPI, sleep deprivation puts the “brain at risk for hyperactivation to food triggers in everyday life”.

Tracking work-related stress and sleep patterns might help you understand your appetite better. That way you can adjust accordingly!

Think about the last time you ate for seemingly no reason, too.

A second study found that people who felt work stress/sleep-deprived were even likelier to “eat their feelings.”

Don’t pretend like you haven’t done it because you know it’s true. That caramel, chocolate fudge ice cream starts looking tasty when your day’s gone to hell.

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