Beer Never Broke My Heart but it sure has broken my bank, a finger bone and cell phone screens.

CHI Health Center shook Saturday night with the rumbles of thousands singing along to Luke Comb’s hits.

If you get the chance to see Luke’s Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour, take it. Because it was just as fun as you’d anticipate.

Luke Combs | CHI Health Center | 5/11/19

Lizz and I ended up practically front and center in the pit so we definitely will not complain.

It was awesome to hear his new music because unlike some artists, we had no trouble making out the words he said.

Luke Combs emotes well so it made for an overall pleasant experience.

Before Luke took the stage, LANCO left us with their hit “Greatest Love Story” – watch it HERE.


PS: Craziest part? A scuffle between two women erupted in the pit nearby.

Although confrontations among concert-goers occur from time-to-time – it’s when this occasion happened that has me giggling.

These girls started their tango directly following the end of LANCO’s set at the start of intermission. Coming off of a love ballad.

Dude, talk about lackluster. It’s intermission; a lull.

Lol, dummies.



Coryelle (left) | Luke Combs (middle) | Lizz (right)

#NNL -Coryelle

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