How Many Lights Does It Take?

So the last few days in the Land of Husker have been unusually warm to say the least! 60 degrees in December got me motivated to get out the 30 or so Blow Mold figures out of the pole barn! We have 4 santas, carolers, a complete nativity with all the proper animals, light posts, penguins, soldiers and other assorted snowmen, elves and penguins! If you are wondering what a blow mold is, they are the large hard plastic (non-inflatable) figures with light bulbs inside of them. Working in the lefty land of Lincoln must be rubbing off on me as I decided to pop over $100 bucks (more than the amount of power they would have used) and retrofit them all with energy efficient LED bulbs. The weekend involved placing them around the yard along with stringing a couple of miles of extension cords and pounding some metal fence posts in the ground to keep my plastic holy family from taking flight in the non-stop Nebraska wind!

Then there was the house I saw in West Omaha Saturday night…..yeah…one of those houses!

I’ve got a feeling there may be more stringing, pounding and placing to follow….

What about you? Let us know if you’re caught up in the Christmas Competition!

Light Fight?

So do you find yourself getting a little competitive with your Holiday decor?
    Do you find yourself getting a bit competitive with your friends, family or neighbors with the Holiday decor?






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