The Mystery of Dustin Lynch’s “Secret” Girlfriend

Apparently Dustin Lynch has managed to keep his relationship secret for an ENTIRE YEAR…or has he?

Who is this lucky mystery lady, you ask? Probably not who you’d think. Kelly Osbourne! Yes, as in the daughter of Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne.

Last night he posted a picture of the two of them with a piece of pie that had a candle in it that just had the caption “Shhhh…#oneyear”. Kelly also posted a similar photo with the hasthag #TheOddCouple. But here’s the catch. Neither of them have ever confirmed that they’re actually dating. They’ve been seen together at the Stagecoach festival last year, where Dustin even said that the two were friends, but definitely weren’t hooking up or dating (at the time).

So are the two just trying to mess with us? I suppose they could be celebrating their one year “friendaversary”. Or maybe they just don’t want everyone in their business all the time. Imagine that.

Either way, whether these two are #friendshipgoals or #relationshipgoals, they make a pretty unlikely yet totally awesome pair.

And now for the real question: What kind of pie was that?




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