These Netflix Docs Are Worth the Watch

Netflix binging is an elite sport but even the finest of champions will go a little too hard. Occasionally, you might run out of things to watch. Y’know, that annoying feeling like nothing seems to pique your interest despite feverishly scrolling through the categories.

Making a selection is tough! It takes a perfect storm to land the right thing because it all depends on your mood. Are you mentally prepared to take on an entirely new series or movie? Does giving yourself paper cuts sound better than a rom-com? Or maybe napping sounds pretty good so you need background entertainment to mindlessly consume.

I suggest you try out these documentaries that are currently on Netflix: Tower, Oklahoma City and Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father. Best served when somewhat emotionally stable and a reserve of no less than 2 hours of energy is available.

I’d watch Dear Zachary first because it’s straight up heart-wrenching and you’re going to need your strength to get through it. You’ll most likely cry so hard you feel sick.

Watch Tower next. Although Tower deals with the horror that was the University of Texas Clock Tower shooting, it’s exhilarating and the contemporary style makes it easy to follow.

Then, if you’ve still got some energy but feeling sorta drained, flip on Oklahoma City. It focuses on the larger picture of the Oklahoma City bombing, maintains a fairly even pace all the while historically fascinating. You won’t feel bad if you fall asleep but chances are you’ll want to finish.





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