Why would you pay to look like this?

I’ve blown stupid money on stupid stuff! Don’t tell my wife! It usually involves one too many drinks and my Iphone way too handy showing me an offer I can’t refuse. Recently I bought a stereo on ebay from Las Vegas and ended up having a buddy of mine who lives there have to go get it and store it until I could fly out there to bring it back, I pledged money to a political campaign to support a guy who had more money than I’ll ever see and I’ve bought a few too many last rounds for Coryelle, Nick and Lizz at the Bourbon!  Somehow, spending $425 bucks for a pair of faux muddy jeans at Nordstrom’s escapes me. I did a little more research and found at another New York store that you can buy jeans with paint splattered on them for over $500 Not that being on radio is a “dirty job” but I do know my way around the underside of a tractor or truck and my weekends often end up having me look pretty similar in a more authentic non poser way!



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