Savage Bride Reads Cheating Fiance’s Texts Instead of Vows at Alter

I don’t wanna say it because I think it’s stupid but…

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is entirely too appropriate.


Not only did homie get dragged in front of THE ENTIRE WEDDING – family and friends – but it was his side-piece that ignited the frenzy.

Let’s back this up and start with how a bride discovered her fiance’s double life and how she wins the award for Most Savage.


Also, I want to be her best friend. In order to handle such a nightmare, she had to display some serious composure.

You definitely want her in your corner. Especially if you ever need an alibi. 😉


We’ll call the bride, Bride*.

Bride* and her gal pals were chillin, drinkin’ and probably talking sh** about some of their other friends when she got a text.

She figured it’d be a “congratulations” of some sort since it was the night before her wedding.


Surprise! It’s a total stranger about to ruin her life. Or maybe save her? Idk, it’s bitter-sweet.


The stranger, turns out, was the woman who the husband-to-be had been dating/exchanging racy texts with.

She sent Bride* screenshot proof of their text conversations, details about the affair and even pictures of them together.

Extra gross? It spanned from months prior to just days before the would-be wedding.


Bride’s* friends were like “he’s the worst – omfg – call off the wedding!” but Bride* wanted her own happy ending.

She continued with plans as usual, letting him believe everything was gravy until the next day.

They were at the alter – in the thick of the wedding – when it came down to exchanging vows. That’s when she dropped 100%, undeniable napalm as she began reading his cheating texts, instead of cherished vows.


Of course he left the church (I’m assuming into on-coming traffic) and she proceeded to address their family and friends.

She basically said there would _not_ be a wedding reception but instead a celebration of finding true love, honesty and light through the pain.


One. Hell. Of. A. Party.

#NNL -Coryelle





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