Throwin’ it back to August, 2018 real quick:

Twitter went nuts after discovering that our beloved Coach Frost is a fan of red dirt country act Casey Donahew!


Okay, fast forward to now.

Imagine our brains when we realized Casey Donahew would be returning to The Bourbon Theatre on January 10, 2019 (exactly one year since his last show here) – explosion!

After begging publicly on-air, tweeting Frost and friends until our thumbs broke and even going so far as to adding his name on our guest list, it was confirmed.

Scott Frost himself would be attending our soldout show!

Although we’d love to know exactly what went on during his pre-show hangout with Casey, we envision a gang of new best friends hopefully sharing stories over Busch Lights.

(I’m not saying anything here, but Rob bought an entire pallet for the occasion and Frost was in close proximity….)

Be sure to add a Frost favorite to your playlist if you haven’t already: “Double Wide Dream” -Casey Donahew and request all the Casey you want during Nebraska Nights Live!

GO BIG RED! #NNL -Coryelle


Check out the show below through the lens of our friend Alicia Skillman with @beautyincadence.




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