Shane Owens Fills Alpha LNK Building With Traditional Sound

He’s an Alabama man, he’s got that nostalgic sound and he’s ridin’ around Nebraska in a mini-van.

Shane Owens has done his fair share of bus tours and plane rides but this time he’s sporting a gem that he refers to as the Griswold family van.

Shane stopped by Alpha Media-Lincoln to play a few acoustic tunes for the building, including “19” and “All The Beer In Alabama”, and hang with me for Nebraska Nights Live.

I learned that he’s big into deer meat when he does dinner at home. In fact him and his family actually live off the land as much as they can! That’s a man’s man, right there.

When asked about his favorite college/NFL football team, he basically cut me off with a firm “Alabama.” I should’ve known.


Watch our Facebook live video with Shane Owens here but scroll ahead a bit because the sound ghosted us in the beginning.




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