Sunday Gunday with Lizz & Coryelle

This weekend Coryelle and I decided to give our Sunday Funday a little more firepower.

This whole business started when Coryelle and I were invited to the UNL chapter Ducks Unlimited banquet last month. Basically, if you tell me or Coryelle that there will be an event that involves free food and a bar, we’re there with bells on. So while we were there eating our free barbecue and filling up on Busch Light, we decided to throw a few “Duck Bucks” into the various raffles that were going on that night. And who ended up being the first winner of the night? Coryelle! She won herself a nice little Browning BuckMark .22.

Fast forward to Coryelle securing her handgun permit and picking up her shiny new gun, she decided that she (we) should learn how to use this thing. Here’s where our awesome friends at Big Shots come in. We had decided that we wanted to not only learn how to properly use a gun, we also were interested in getting our Conceal Carry permit.

Not only does Big Shots have an awesome indoor shooting range, they also do tons of other classes and coaching. So yesterday we dove right in. Carrie at Big Shots took us through the proper handling, safety procedures, and form. Then, she let us loose on the range. We practiced with Coryelle’s .22 and I took a .380 for a ride. That’s some serious girl power!

…And now we’re totally addicted. So much so that we’re already going back tomorrow for more, and of course on Sunday for our Conceal Carry class. Big Shots made the whole process so easy and comfortable. Because even though we would never admit it, Coryelle and I were definitely a bit freaked out about handling and firing a loaded weapon–ha! I’ll update you on our class this weekend, but whether you know nothing about guns or your a total pro, Big Shots and their crew are awesome! You can check them out here.



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