I Texted Logan Mize Some Hard-Hitting Questions, His Answers Were Gold

[Logan with the KX Crew circa spring 2014]

Logan Mize is a Midwest man from Clearwater, KS who thoroughly embodies the “simple life” yet nothing about his job is simple. Logan travels far and wide to deliver his honest music to fans and new faces. In fact, he’s played #LNK a few times and even camped out with KX at Country Stampede a few years ago! [fun fact, he’s not too shabby at cornhole]

On July 21st, he’ll rock the Saline County Fair with Little Texas. I figured we should all get to know him a bit better, so- lacking any shame- I texted him some pretty solid questions:










Q 1: What instrument do you wish you could play?

A: Bagpipes. I would love to just stand on a hill and in Scotland every day and drink Guinness whilst playing bagpipes.

Q 2: Are there any strange requests you get from fans?

A: Yes, one woman asked if I would date one of her teenage daughters once they were of age… and she knew I was married. She was serious.

Q 3: What’s your favorite snack?

A: Corn dog

Q 4: If you have Netflix or Hulu, what are some cable shows you dig.

A: I only watch kid shows…I haven’t had time to watch adult tv since I don’t know when

Q 5: Does your family have any traditions? Ex: sundae’s at dinner on special occasions, holding your breath when you go under a bridge, etc.

A: Flying by the seat of our pants is becoming quite a tradition! Oh and vacations to table rock every chance we get

Q 6: Name 3 people you’re dying to meet.

A: Enya, Kevin Costner, Elton John

Q 7: Lunchables or Fruit by the Foot?

A: Woof on both of those…I’m more of just a giant piece of meat and maybe a potato or something.


Logan’s new single “Ain’t Always Pretty” is fire, btw. Find him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @LoganMize

[#TBT Logan & I circa spring 2014]



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