The annual Lincoln Police Department Trunk or Treat event went off without a hitch Monday evening.

We enjoyed handing out candy and experiencing the magic once again. The event reflected more of a festival-style flow this year so locals didn’t need to wait at all for the fun!

What is Trunk Or Treat? It’s a free event that allows families to wander the Lancaster Event Center in the name of Halloween – gathering candy, trinkets and experience along the way. Children can also learn CPR, what to do in the event of a house fire and more.

I watched hundreds of superheros, a very committed Pennywise and some dinosaurs (among others) roam booth-to-booth and cruiser-to-cruiser. Some families came dressed entirely as a group like the family who represented all the Little Red Riding Hood characters.

Shout out to the Nebraska State Patrol, Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police and Lincoln Fire & Rescue for attending. And thank you, Lincoln, for showing up in droves.



Cheers! -Coryelle


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