It’s Thunder Boomer, Not Thunderstorm


*red flag warning is in effect until 8PM tonight*

Have your ever referred to thunderstorms as “thunder boomers”? My dad and I have always referred to them as that. Kind of like how you grow up saying things like “warsh cloth” and “pop” instead of soda.

Growing up in sparsely populated areas was the absolute best when it came to storm watching, so when we get pop-up weather like today, I get super excited! I cannot wait for spring storms! Maybe you’ve had a bad experience though and think I’m crazy. I definitely don’t root for a mega storm to cause anyone any harm or great loss, but bring on these ragers! It’s just not fair- if it’s going to be this overcast, windy and gloomy, I wanna see a little more action.

PS: Apparently Lancaster county is in a “red flag warning” per the National Weather Service. What the heck does that even mean? I gotcha covered. It means that critical fire weather conditions are either occurring right now, or will be more sooner than later. It occurs when strong winds, low humidity and warm temperatures mesh. The red flag warning is in effect until 8PM tonight.

(17th & L – Lincoln)



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