When you mention “Nebraska” to someone who’s not from the Good Life, sometimes their eyes glaze over.

They assume it’s flat, full of cows and boring. And you can’t blame ’em.


But there’s plenty to do here!

Take a road trip out west and visit Ole’s steakhouse – it’s incredible. Float the Elkhorn river. Experience the Burwell Rodeo.

It’s all about beefing up (no pun intended) simple activities and appreciating the time spent with good company. You can find the typical city-attractions, no problem at all… things like Top Golf Omaha which is expected to open in the spring. However, it’s the abundance of outdoor space with a delightful lack of city lights or WiFi that makes Nebraska so special.


Aside from the obvious fun like camping, lake days and grill-outs, what specific things would you suggest to someone who’s visiting Nebraska?

Think summer events. Or which lake is best for fishing (without totally giving away your special spot). Where can you find the tastiest frozen treat or the oddest attraction?


Let’s try to pin-point the top 3 best summer activities in Nebraska.


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