Where are the craziest places your children have been stuck?

We asked you that question this morning and you definitely did not disappoint.


Here are a few stories via Facebook:

Cafe Chaos

“My little sister got her head stuck in a chair at the old Garden Cafe on 27th street during a family dinner. The staff tried every cooking oil, butter, and non stick spray to get her head out. When that didn’t work they called 911 and the fireman ended up having the chair give birth to her in order to get her out.” – Kelli G.

Laundry Lounger

“Somehow my son got stick inside a laundry basket with the opening flush against the couch and couldn’t move, the top was stuck by some cushions so he couldn’t even roll…I couldn’t stop laughing…he couldn’t stop crying 😂 idk how he did it but he did, he’s 2″ – Prudence M.J.

Stoop Kid

“Myself (when I was a kid) and my son got our heads stuck in the railing on my parents’ front porch. Like mother like son” – Jordan H.


It’s okay to admit you’ve been there yourself. Gotta live and learn just like your own children will.

After all, if you got stuck once – you probably didn’t do it again! Or maybe you did.

In that case, you were that kid.




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