Why I Sound Slack-Jawed

Oh hi! I casually had a tooth extraction + bone graft yesterday.

So that’s why I sound so slack-jawed today… because I have CRATER IN MY MOUTH.

(Don’t worry, I voted early on Monday.)

But really, Nebraska Oral Facial Surgery took AMAZING care of me and beyond Dr. Rieck doing a stellar job, the entire team was incredible.

I mean, the guy who did my consultation literally dried my eyes and the tears that dripped down and pooled in my ears.

Because of course as I was lying there, crying in a fit of unstoppable anxiety, and also awkwardly laughing between sobs because I reallllly wanted to suck it up.


Homegirl does not do well in these completely normal situations because I’m a big baby but I’m on a dental implant journey and there’s not looking back so I’m gonna have to pony up some day!


Thanks for dealing with my audible drooling! #NNL



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