This is how my cousin’s son, Case, became a country star thanks to Aaron Watson:


It was the last day of Country Radio Seminar in Nashville on Friday and I was pretty bummed I’d be flying out that next morning.

There was still quite a bit to do but I made sure to not miss the Aaron Watson hangout.

I mean, he’s one of my favorite artists after all!

(Fun fact: It had been almost a year ago to the date that Watson took over The Bourbon Theatre.)


I stepped inside a small suite and he immediately pulled up a chair then handed me Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Although the room wasn’t exactly huge, his presence and passion for country music was quite the opposite.


We all settled in as he began explaining his new project containing nearly 20 songs. He sampled a handful of them for us, too.

Between songs, Watson stressed that although writing “songs for radio” wasn’t entirely neglected, he for sure wasn’t going to tailor his music to someone else’s wants or tastes.

He basically meant his next album will be filled with his heart and soul and if you don’t like it… welp, good on ya.

Rest assured though, I can confirm you’ll probably fall in love with this album.


Fast forward to the close of his listening soiree.

He’s gotta get going – in fact, he needs to leave and begin his journey to Kearney, NE for a show that next night!

I made sure to thank him for having us (and suggested we get him back to Lincoln sooner than later).

We discussed his new music only briefly because I knew he needed to leave soon. Before turning away, I mentioned my cousins lived outside Kearney and would probably be at his show.

Ya know, word vomit – casual conversation.


From that moment on, it was a selfless act of generosity from one of the kindest performers in the industry.

Watson suggested they come and even do meet and greets.

“Whatever she needs,” he said as he handed me off to his management and thanked me for coming to support him.


As it all fell into place, it only got better:

See, Aaron Watson is one of Case’s biggest idols.

Not only did Case, my cousin’s son, get to meet him in person (mind blown) but Watson invited him on stage for much of the show!

He wrapped a red bandanna around his neck, allowed him to pump up the crowd and created the biggest fan of all time.


My cousin Josh was busy pushing snow while his wife Kristen took Case to the concert.

Afterward, she texted me this:

“He is freaking out,” she said. “To see someone be so incredibly kind and generous to your child is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I am star struck!!”


That word: star struck.

It’s the only word to describe his expression in these pictures.

I’m truly honored that Watson would take the time and energy to make such a difference.

But I am not surprised. That is the kind soul that he is and it certainly does not go unnoticed.



Case turns 8-years-old next week.

And I’m sure it’s an impromptu birthday present he will not soon forget.



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