End of an Era: Reclining Airplane Seats Are Being Phased Out?

There are two schools of thought on RECLINING SEATS on airplanes: You either think they’re one of the few options for comfort available . . . or you think they’re WAY more trouble than a few inches of recline are worth.

An article has airline experts saying that reclining seats on airplanes is in the process of being phased out for good . . . for economy class, at least.

There are multiple reasons . . . but the main ones are seats that don’t recline are lighter, which keeps fuel costs down, and they don’t need mechanical parts, which means less maintenance.

Reclining seats also spark a lot of issues with passengers and flight attendants, including spilled drinks and damaged electronics . . . so some say this could be a “blessing in disguise.”

The movement has already started. Budget airlines have planes with upright, “pre-reclined seats,” and newer planes have reduced the average recline from the old standard of four inches to just two.

Even if this DOES end up happening, there are no immediate plans to nix reclining seats on all existing planes.

Are You a Recliner or Anti-Reclining on a Plane?

(Conde Nast Traveler)