The music video for Maren Morris’s new single “Girl” resonates among women.

Perhaps you’re feeling a little down and out, taken for granted or even pushed around.

Let the healing begin; click play.


It begins with a brief interview and ends in the same fashion, however, almost every shot in between highlights a different “girl” and her struggle/experience.

A few shots that stood out to me were the brunette quite literally sitting on the kitchen floor, hands clinging to her neck. I also loved the ones of the two women where one was plucking her eyebrows and the other was struggling to wax her bikini line.


I absolutely LOVE the end when Maren answers the question: Why is it hard being a girl?

From a direction stand-point, the video is just as much veracious as it is uplifting.

It incites emotions that most women can relate to. And you’re damn right, Maren, “…don’t you hang your head low…


Girl gang. 

#NNL -Coryelle


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