Chances are you’re pretty excited to see the words Nebraska and primetime television in one sentence.

Kinda makes you feel proud, right?! It’s tough to not to feed into the podunk stigma but “Look, mom! We made it on TV!”

The recognition is honestly really appreciated. It’s not like we’ve never made it big but it doesn’t happen often so when it comes around, it’s time to celebrate.


Typically we’re only graced with references to Omaha, Nebraska during movies and television shows.

However, we did get lucky with movies About Schmidt, Downsizing and Nebraska.

All three were either fully or partially set in the Good Life and directed by Nebraska-native Alexander Payne!


Occasionally we make it as song lyrics. (Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band and You and I by Lady Gaga, etc.)


This time around, Nebraska will become home for actors Dax Shepard and actress Lake Bell who play Mike and Rio, respectively.

The show is called “Bless This Mess” and it follows the couple’s move to the Nebraska countryside after inheriting Mike’s newly deceased great-aunt’s farmhouse.

Although they are thriving in a big city (New York), and the big city life is really all they know, they decide to take the leap into a simpler lifestyle…

which appears to be tougher than they anticipated.


The show is set to premier April 16 on ABC! Will you be watching?


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