Steer wrestling, a thrilling discipline within the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), showcases the skill and strength required to swiftly bring down a sprinting steer. The event, also known as bulldogging, involves a cowboy on horseback chasing after a galloping steer, leaping from the horse, and wrestling the steer to the ground by grabbing its horns.

In steer wrestling, both the rider and the horse are integral to the overall performance. The rider must execute a flawless dismount and employ precise technique to take control of the steer. The horse plays a pivotal role, working in sync with the rider to close the gap and maintain stability during the wrestling maneuver. The efficiency of the teamwork between rider and horse is a critical component of the scoring process.

Over the years, legends like Luke Branquinho have left an indelible mark on steer wrestling. Branquinho, a multiple-time world champion, exemplifies the epitome of skill and tenacity in bulldogging. Similarly, Sid Steiner, renowned for his exceptional horsemanship, carved his legacy as a steer wrestling icon. These legendary figures not only mastered the art of controlling a charging steer but also showcased the indispensable partnership between rider and horse.

The scoring in steer wrestling is based on the time it takes for the cowboy to wrestle the steer to the ground. A fast and precise takedown yields a lower time, enhancing the competitor’s chances of victory. Steeped in tradition and requiring a blend of athleticism and strategic prowess, steer wrestling remains a cornerstone of PRCA rodeo, drawing admiration from rodeo enthusiasts worldwide.


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