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Easton Corbin – Raising Humans

This is pretty sweet…

EASTON CORBIN’s “Raising Humans” is told from a dog’s point of view.  It packs all the happy and sad feels of pet ownership in the lyrics.  But he didn’t write it, so CMT asked what drew him to the song in the first place. “The pure emotion is what grabbed me.  I later found out it was a true story about the songwriter’s own dog, and that made it even more special.”  It grabbed his fans too, because they started sending him pics of themselves with their pets. He decided to release a new video of the song featuring as many of those photos as possible.  “I wanted to somehow honor the fans and their special dogs and thought putting them in the video would be a nice way to do that.” Easton has expanded the idea even further.  He’s been helping raise funds for Companions for Heroes, which provides rescue animals for veterans and active duty military personnel. 

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