Whether you’re a fan of “scary movies” or not, you can’t deny that Stephen King’s novel-turned-film IT is a cult classic masterpiece.

Naturally, I saw the 2017 remake twice in theaters then rented it a handful of times after that.

No shame in my creepy game.


You probably know this but it’s a safe bet to count on a high thrill factor and dope cast for Chapter Two.

It’s been fun mentally casting the movie and subsequently torturing myself with the loaded questions:

Who will portray adult versions of the infamous Derry crew? Will Amy Adams or Jessica Chastain play Beverly Marsh? (It has to be either or, there’s no other option.)

Where did all those missing children go after they became reanimated and casually floated back to the ground? Are their therapist bills outrageous?


Implementing a little detective work prior to watching the trailer could’ve probably answered my questions…



I’m very glad I waited because the trailer ~claps~ looks ~claps~ awesome ~claps~.

Bill Hader? I mean, game over. Take my money, let’s do this.


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