Last Chance Summer Bucket List

Summer 2023 is coming to a close so make the most of it! Here’s a few of our favorite things to do every summer — use it as a bucket list to check off before school, holidays, sports, inclement weather, etc.


  1. Tube or tank down a river – Nebraska is chalk full of ideal rivers for you and your group to tube or tank down. Get a campsite, ice down a cooler and bring the sunscreen. Make it relaxing or rowdy, it’s up to you!
  2. Visit Worlds of Fun – What is summer vacation without twirling, whirling and yelling? The best part of this amusement park is it’s still fun even through the fall (October/Halloween is really cool here) but if you want that “escape the heat” feeling breeze in your hair from the Mamba or splashing at Oceans of Fun, get tickets now here.
  3. Throw a BBQ – Invite family, friends, neighbors, and throw a BBQ for no reason at all. Enjoy each other, the great grub and chill tunes. Sometimes the conversation and a little bit of pasta salad is all you need to reset.

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