Maren Morris uses the money from her Meet & Greets for charitable acts, like donating to music programs for example.

Through her Heroes Fund, Morris recently gifted $70k to the school band program at East Nashville Magnet High School.

Morris has said that school programs like music and theatre hold a special place in her heart.

Ryan Hurd, fellow country singer and husband of Morris, joked that he’s happy she donated the money but was bummed he didn’t get jet skis out of the deal.

She also donated $10k to East Nashville business, The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club, because although they have struggled amid the pandemic, they’ve followed health measures.

Meanwhile, bigger businesses have found loopholes to serve maskless patrons. Neighborhood bars comply and lose livelihood while others enable risky behavior.

Morris hasn’t been shy to condemn Broadway bars and other country artists that promote unsafe crowd sizes/ignore health measures.

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