Nashville Tornado Death Toll Rises To 22, Nearly 140 Buildings Destroyed
*7:34PM CT update: death toll reportedly at least 25* 
A pair of tornadoes touched down in Tennessee early Tuesday, reportedly killing at least 22 people. Roughly 140 buildings in and around downtown Nashville have since collapsed.
During a Tuesday morning news conference, Nashville Mayor John Cooper said:
“Last night was a reminder about how fragile life is.”
Cooper is right but we don’t always realize that until something tragedy strikes. This is, unfortunately, a painful reminder.
Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter added:
“It hit so fast, a lot of folks didn’t have time to take shelter. Many of these folks were sleeping.”
Less than two weeks ago, I was exploring this exact portion of East Nashville. It was late on a week night following stormy weather which makes the news hit a bit different today.
The AP also reports that one of the twisters caused severe damage across downtown Nashville, destroying the stained glass in a historic church and leaving hundreds of people homeless.
Authorities were asking residents to stay indoors due to hazards like snapped power lines and broken trees.
Courts, schools and transit lines were closed for the day, while four Super Tuesday polling stations were relocated just hours before voting was set to begin.
Many country artists have taken to social media to weigh in:


My heart is with Nashille and those who lost their lives, loved ones, livelihoods and homes. I do not doubt the community hurts as one but will also rebuild and overcome as one.


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