Summer Bucket List

This summer already feels like a dream with more locations and activities opening back up!

I’m sure there are a trillion things on your summer bucket list, but what’s the FIRST thing you plan to do? Other than the obvious weddings, concerts, etc.

There’s so many options! But mine includes fast speeds, heights and wayyyy too much food.

Growing up in the Midwest means you’ve probably took a road trip to Worlds of Fun once or twice – or a dozen times. It’s a thing of comfort for me. A total throwback that will never get old.

I love it because you don’t need to have a family or be on a youth group trip to feel the rush from that Mamba, you can go at any age and soak up the fun. A group of my friends and I went a few years ago and our age range was 23-34! Ya know what? That turned out to be one of my favorite vacations.

This summer is about doing you, what makes you happy and feeling free.

Create your bucket list and start checking ’em off!



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